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Apr 2
#TeamAYV ✨ 
cc: @ogsflex 📷

#TeamAYV ✨
cc: @ogsflex 📷



Watch the video of this dog expressing his happiness and gratitude after being rescued




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No jail time for DuPont heir who raped an infant.



Robert H. Richards IV admitted to sexually assaulting his infant son and daughter and has been sentenced to probation because the judge believes Richards “will not fare well” in prison.


He’s an unemployed heir living off a trust fund, so of course “will not fare well” is just code for “is too rich to serve time.”

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Fuck this and fuck him. 




who is this omg she fine af 😍😍


i aint pullin out




who is this omg she fine af 😍😍


i aint pullin out

Apr 1









Never heard of her, Tell her to keep banging. I’m not about to research these niggas b.

Wait wait This is the ringleader of the tumblr fat bitches. lmfaoooo The final boss chick that was trying to throw shots.

She look like Paul Heyman

She got the throat of a frog.

She might just be the sloppiest bitch on Tumblr. Bet money she wear a 4x t-shirt and black leggings every day.

I’m convinced that they make big and tall leggings now.

She selling “I Am Not The One” T-shirts but she the size of 3 niggas.

She look like her pussy smell like a petting zoo.

Her hairline receding.

Niggas submit pictures of food instead of nudes. 

Like somebody has probably stuck their dick in that and it amazes me.

God really don’t fuck with you cause he letting you look like that.

She look like her room would smell like mayonnaise after sex.

Every bitch selfie that she reblogs look better than hers.

Ol pelican neck bitch.

Her jawline gave up, nigga the levees broke.

dusty ass extensions bitch do your hair.

keebler elf in the face.

If you was the only bitch in the world not infected with HIV I’d take the risk.

If you was skinny you’d still be ugly. Like I’m seriously trying to imagine wtf your jawline looked like.

You got the face shape of a down syndrome nigga.

You smile like Peter Griiffin 

Tired ass ashy dick and dry hair jokes. It takes only 2 years for my hair to reach the length that it is now. I don’t really care bout my hair, that’s just there for broads to play in. But you got a nappy ass mini fro under them dusty ass braid extensions. Nigga my chin hair prettier than the hair on your head.

Nigga you are incapable of thirst trapping.

Nigga what sport do you play? Eating?

You don’t have a fucking chin, your bottom lip is attached to your neck.

I’m done……fat ass bitch. Don’t respond to me, respond to a gym.

You literally asked for this, You are welcome you lumpy motherfucker.


her fault.

You have got to be the most lamest nigga on this earth. I’m pretty sure you found all your fat jokes from the back of hood snacks and the lost episodes of Comicview. I’m cuter than you and quite possibly your whole lineage so the ugly and fat jokes does nothing to me, try again.

The fact that you gave my shirts a shot out as opposed to coming up with a decent insult let’s us all know yet again just how lame you are. I mean I’m making shirt getting money while you beating yo dick to a bunch dusty mouth bitches. Try again.

And please, stop imagining all the scenarios in which you would or wouldn’t fuck me. I don’t want to fuck you period. Nigga aint no option for you to choose. Try again.

I just find it funny that you got so much shit to say to other people about me. Fuck you and all the loyal niggas of the lollipop guild. I came for that wig several times and you still whispering to other niggas. You’s a bitch. Find somebody to throw that boy pussy to to play with and recycle yo life. The world would be a much better place.

Nigga you dismissed.

You cuter than me? APRIL FOOOOOOOLS!

Them bum ass MS paint designed shirts lmaoo. Only niggas buying them shirts are family members.

You cute on what planet though? To what species? What nigga vouches?

I have yet to see a straight male defend you. Cause…nigga you ugly.

You changed your avi and still ugly. You know you ugly when YOU yourself compares your facial features to a man’s.

Nigga you are an example of what bitches don’t want to look like.

You look like the Penguin from Batman Returns.

You look like piglet.

You are the antonym of beautiful. 

You look exaaaactly like the forever alone face no lie.

If your pussy ended world hunger I still wouldn’t stick my dick in you.

I bet you don’t masturbate because YOU don’t even want fuck you.

I don’t believe you have the option to fuck anyone.

Fucking you would an episode of Fear Factor

Your nudes looking like a plate of spoiled dumplings.

Your titties touch your pockets when you sitting down.

…..btw these aren’t jokes….I am describing you.


Part 2 “Jacket still glowing”
Air max “ice” 
Worn by @calvintandjung


Part 2 “Jacket still glowing”
Air max “ice”
Worn by @calvintandjung

Oochie Wally
Nas & Bravehearts


fuck me

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#GoTigers #OpeningDay

#GoTigers #OpeningDay

a haiku for disney


simba doesn’t count

tiana was mostly frog

y’all racist as hell

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